Friday, 30 October 2009

Miracle In Kigali Talk 31 October

Illuminee and I were interviewed by Tara Greaves from Eastern Daily Press in advance of the Black History Month talk. The story is online at

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Unknown said...

Illuminee discreetly brought me a plastic glass of passion fruit after my 5 minutes' late entry to the difficult-to-listen-to descriptions of her experiences during the genocide some 15 years ago. In answer to my question as to her hope and dreams for Rwanda her answer was that it "Never Happens Again".

This hour brought home the still unrepaired problems in the heart of Africa but ended with certain notes of hope based on forgiveness of the past, Social entrepreneurs and capitalising on the great resources of this country not the least of which include its ability to be a great and sustainable eco -tourist destination. With its basis of Mountain gorillas and beautiful scenery it could easily build a hopeful future among this beautiful land of a thousand hills..