Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Norwich Evening News Roger: Genocide Baby

Link to Rowan Mantell's feature in the Norwich Evening News about Roger Nsengiyumva's return to Rwanda - Roger: Genocide Baby, BBC3 documentary,

Roger: Genocide Baby - BBC 3 Director's Blog

Here is a link to the blog written by Nick Andrews, Director of Roger: Genocide Baby on the background to the documentary about Roger Nsengiyumva's return to Rwanda and how he used extracts from Roger's mum, Illuminee Nganemariya's book, Miracle in Kigali in the film -

This is a link to BBC News coverage about Roger: Genocide Baby

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Roger: Genocide Baby - BBC3

Roger: Genocide Baby the BBC3 documentary about Illuminee's son Roger's return to Rwanda will be screened on BBC3 at 9pm on Wednesday 13 July, see